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Abromiškes muiža un parks

Abromiskes estatate was built in 1571 by Abraham Poniatowski. In the XVII century the estate belonged to the family of Bychowcy, later it was owned by French duke de Raes.   Noteworthy to mention that Napoleon stopped over in Abromiskes estate on June 27, 1812. Vairāk »

Adakavas muiža

Manor estate is surrounded by the park of 9 ha. The church built in XIX century is nearby. For the last 50 years the manor is used as the retirement home and it's original structure has been modified. Vairāk »

Alantė muiža

The location of the estate have been mentioned over 500 year ago. The remnants of the manor have been built in 1850. They used to belong to the family of Rudamin. The main house is surrounded by nice park. Current owner is going to renovate the property and open it for tourists as well as host a museum of Lithuanian emigration using materials from Study center of Lithuanian langugae in Chicago, USA. Vairāk »

Antanase muiža

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Avižieniai muiža

The manor was owned by the Pomarnacky family up until middle of XIX century. Later on it was owned by multiple owners. The main manor house have been demolished before WWII and was replaced with brick house. Vairāk »

Bagdoniškis muiža

The estate belonged to a well known family of the Romers since the beginning of the XIX century. Famous descendant of the first owner - Mykolas Riomeris, was born there in 1880 (died in 1945). Eventually he became the rector/president of the Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, as well as member of State Tribunal, State Council. Presently Law University in Vilnius is named after M.Riomeris. Vairāk »

Balbieriškis muižas parks

In XV-XVI centuries Grand Duke of Lithuania Sgismund The Old rented part of Punia forest near the river Nemunas and Balbieriskis to Preussian merchant Hanus. He cut some trees and built a small manor waho was managed by the duke's wife's property manager M. Mikitinaitis. Small town slowly developed arround this manor estate. In XVI-XIX cent. the manor belonged to the Golowchinskies, the Korvins, the Gonszewskies, the Stanewicz and the Tiszkiwicz families.   Old manor house has burnt during the WWI.... Vairāk »

Baltadvaris pils

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Bartkuškis muiža

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Bartninkai muiža

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