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Adomyne estate

Village of Adomyne was first mentioned in 1555. At that time the estate had another name - Aluoteliai. It belong to the family of Plaeters. Present day estate was built in 1821-1830 by the owner Jonas Zurauskis. More »

Alanta Manor

In 1436 Alanta was presented by the king Sigismund Kestutaitis to a nobleman Kristinas Astikas for his valour in the fighst with against riwaling duke Švitrigaila. In the beginning of the XVI century cathoilic church was built in this small town. In 1581 Stefan Batory granted the estate to head of the Hungarian army in Lithuania - Gaspar Bekesh. From 1598 onto XVIII century the place belonged to Radvila (Radziwill) family. There is main building of the estate as well as barn, and other... More »

Antakalnis manor

A property of the bishop Dovyd Pilchovski at the end of XVIII century. However at the beginning of the XIX century a famous Tivoli pub was located there. The adjacent park of the estate was about 3 ha size. Wooden main house of the estate certain features of baroque. More »

Antalina manor

Manor house was built in 1892. The location istelf was already known back in 1746. In April 2007 it was for sale together with the adjacent land plot of 75 ha for about 440 000 EUR. More »

Antanavas manor and park

In the XIX century the Antanavas manor belonged to the family of Szabaniewicz.  Not far from the main house is a chapel from XVIII-XIX centuries, presently an architectural monument. Adjacent park is worth a visit. More »

Antašava Manor

Išlikę dvaro rūmai, žirgynas (svirnas), parkas. Restauravus rūmus ir svirną, planuojama juo naudoti kultūrinio turizmo reikmėms: teikti maitinimo, aktyvaus poilsio (jodinėjimo žirgais ir važinėjimo kinkiniais)paslaugas. Objektas statytas 1811-1820 m. Buv. objekto savininkai Chošnovskiai (XVIII a.), A. Pačiobutas (1779-1791 m.), I.Liutkevičius (1791-1792 m.), Antašauskai (1792-1888 m.), S.Šimonis (1888-1915 m.) Objekto architektai M.Šulcas Šaltiniai internete... More »

Antazave Manor

Since XVI century the estate with numerous land plots and villages arround the area belonged to the Radziwil (Radvila) family. From 1669 onwards the property was owned by the Plaeters. Noteworthy fact is that the count - owner of the estate, influenced by the French brought and transplanted grape snails there several hundred years ago. More »

Apytalaukis Estate

The manor house has been built in the XIX century. Presently there is a retirement home for the elderly managed by Kedainiai municipality. More »

Ariogala (Cekuva) Estate

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Arnionys manor

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