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Manors, castles, palaces

Adomyne estate

Village of Adomyne was first mentioned in 1555. At that time the estate had another name - Aluoteliai. It belong to the family of Plaeters. Present day estate was built in 1821-1830 by the owner Jonas Zurauskis. More »

Alanta Manor »

Antakalnis manor »

Antalina manor »


Alytus mound

The mound is located on the right bank of river Nemunas, In XIII-XIV centuries there was a wooden castle on this hill. The important route to Vilnius was going through this place so the castle was often attacked by the Teutonic knights. More »

Apuole mound »

Aukstadvaris mound »

Azusile mound »

Churches and monasteries

Akmene St. Ann's church

It is not known exactly when the first church was built in Akmene. However it has to be there during the establishment of Akmene town in XVI century. Queen Ann built new wooden church with thatched roof in 1596. More »

Alkiskiai Evangelical Lutheran church »

Alove Holy Trinity church »

Andrioniškis apostle Peter and Paul church »


Alytus city park

Geometrically shaped park in Alytus was established in 1931 by engineer Stasys Taskunas in a 5 ha pine tree forest. Presently there is a small square with fountain and roses in the center.  More »

Anyksciai regional park »

Asveja regional park »

Aukstaitija National Park »

Jewish heritage

Alanta sinagogue

Based on the assumptions and architectural style, it is considered that the sinagogue was built in the second part of XIX century. More »

Alytus sinagogue »

Chaim Frenkel Palace (villa) »

Cekiske sinagogue »

Industrial heritage

Aleksotas funicular

Aleksotas funicular was constructed in 1935, when the nearby area of Linksmadvaris became crowded with both residents and public institutions: Vytautas Magnus University department of physisc and chemistry, Lithuanian Language institute, Damijonaitis primary school, airport etc. More »

Antaliepte water mill »

Antalieptės hidroelektrinė »

Augustaiciai water mill »

Lost heritage

Abromiškes Estate

Abromiskes estatate was built in 1571 by Abraham Poniatowski. In the XVII century the estate belonged to the family of Bychowcy, later it was owned by French duke de Raes.   Noteworthy to mention that Napoleon stopped over in Abromiskes estate on June 27, 1812.  More »

Adakavas manor »

Alante manor »

Antanase Manor »

Culinary heritage

"Storo Romo" sodyba

 More »

Beer brewery Piniavos alutis »

Bikėnų užeiga »

Glūko smuklė »

Other heritage

15 tree lime

The famous lime tree used to be part of the park of Papile estate. Now it stands near the Lime street in Papilde town near the river of Venta. It;s the only tree with that many stumps in Lthuania. More »

Ablinga memorial »

Agluonenai museum »

Airenai stone »

Countryside accommodation

Clog watermill

High quality countryside accommodation in the renovated watermill near the river Dubysa. Capacity - 20 persons in double and triple rooms with all amenities. Suitable for both families and conference guests. More »

Cekiske sinagogue

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